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If you’re looking for a weekend read, Mrs. Saint is available today on Amazon.

She gave him her hand in marriage, but not her heart.

Lily isn’t happy being Mrs. Saint—the past year has been far from wedded bliss. She starts to put into motion a plan to run away—from a troubled marriage, the pain of her past, and to correct the mistake she made when she walked away from her first love. But life in the 1960s isn’t easy. Not only must Lily upend her personal life, but she must also navigate the turmoil of the day’s society that has its own ideas about a woman’s place—especially a Black woman’s. She longs to again realize her independence as Lily King, leaving behind the dismal reality of being married to a domineering man she doesn’t love. Follow Lily’s journey as she tries to pursue a better life.

I would greatly appreciate you sharing this post with anyone you know who may be looking for a new story to explore.


Cheryl Robinson

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